Use of non-tested wire sling

Report Text:

During the lowering of an electrical motor from the poop deck to the engine room, the crew used a non-certified, handmade wire sling. As a result of this improper control of the lifting equipment, the potential risk was the failure of the wire sling resulting in damage to the motor and/or injury to the crew.

Lessons Learned: Only portable lifting appliances that have been inspected, tested and then confirmed as suitable for use are to be made available to the crew. Appliances that have not been tested should be separated from those in good condition, while the crew should provide a warning tag to prevent accidental use. Safety Manage ment System (SMS) instructions state that all portable lifting appliances/equipment should be tested by a com petent person every five years and thoroughly inspected every year. Lifting appliances/ equipment that have not been tested/inspected as above, must not be used. An inventory of all portable lifting appliances, as well as records and details of testing and inspection details, should be maintained. All portable lifting appliances must have stamped on, or attached to it, a permanent identifica tion mark through which it can be identified as suitable for use for the intended job. All crewmembers involved must be fully aware of these procedures.

CHIRP Comment

A useful overview by the reporter. In addition, ensure the toolbox talk includes the checking of the identification marks and that there are test dates on all portable lifting equipment. See also the Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seaman (COSWP) Chapter 21 Provision and Care of Lifting Plant and Carrying out of Lifting Operations.