Unsafe working standard by terminal staff when fitting CBM hose

Report Text:

Shore personnel were using improper/ unsafe equipment for connecting the cargo hoses at a CBM terminal.

Lessons Learned: Visitors, contractors and shore personnel boarding the vessel have to follow the Company’s SMS requirements. They should always be supervised during their onboard activities by competent ship personnel who should ensure that safe working practices are followed in accordance with the Company’s SMS and stop any activity if an unsafe practice is observed. PPE requirements are also applicable for them. Competency and working standards of third parties boarding the vessel should never be taken for granted. They should be closely monitored during their onboard activities, taking necessary actions to ensure compliance with safe working practices and Company’s procedures.

CHIRP Comment

This ship’s crew report is important; ensuring a safe working environment for all personnel onboard is a requirement of the SMS. The riding crew should be made aware they must comply with the ship’s SMS and this should form part of the pre arrival plan. Once the management becomes aware of this risk at a terminal, they should raise their concern with the terminal and offer to help improve the operating stan dards and the quality of the checklists and equipment.