To DIY or not to DIY?

CHIRP Comment: The Board is grateful for this report and a frank, honest and sober self-assessment, illustrating the affects alcohol.

  • Alcohol not only slows your reactions, but also distorts your view of your own abilities.
  • Only attempt repairs and modification that you are competent to undertake.
  • Always check the function of controls and equipment after maintenance/repair.

Report Text: 

The skipper in his infinite wisdom had decided to take the throttle assembly apart in an attempt to increase the availability of reverse power.  Due to his meddling in areas which are clearly above his level of expertise, a serious maritime incident was narrowly avoided only by the quick & decisive actions of crewmembers.  To prevent the loss of reverse power again the skipper is to only undertake mechanical work whilst closely supervised and away from the influence of strong drink.  Also padlocking the tool box may also be a good idea.