Stories from the Galley

Report 1:

The galley was unattended while the hot plates were switched on. Cause: Inadequate assessments of risks, Inadequate controls for safety protection.

Lessons Learned: The Company Lesson Learned Safety report dated 2008 “While the galley was unmanned the cooking plates had been left switched on” was given to the galley personnel. Never leave switched on galley apparatus (hot plates, pots, griddles, fryers, etc.) unattended as there is a risk of injury to personnel and risk of fire.

Report 2:

Galley personnel were cleaning the galley without having properly isolated the power supply.

Lessons Learned: Officers and crew are reminded that Job Hazard Assessment (JHA) reports aim to improve the safety onboard and protect the crew from hazards involved in the onboard activities. It is therefore a safety need the JHA analysis reports:

(a) to be communicated effectively to all personnel involved,

(b) the preventive measures to be implemented during the onboard activities.

Ensure that the appropriate JHA is made available to galley personnel.