Safe Working Practices – Working aloft and in cargo holds (2)

This report should be read in conjunction with articles Safe Working Practices – Working aloft and in cargo holds (1) and (3)


CHIRP has received several reports concerning unsafe working practices whilst engaged in cargo hold preparations and also when working aloft using ships cranes.


What the Reporter told us (2):

 A vessel has reported unsafe working conditions whilst engaged in rust removal and painting of the cargo holds from the hatch coaming to the tank top. This involved using the ship’s crane by rigging a cage or sometimes a bosun’s chair suspended from the crane.

Unsafe work practices and crane riding

CHIRP Comment:

Whilst some of the work practices in terms of unsecured equipment, bear remarkable similarities to the previous report, CHIRP highlights the picture where crew members are riding in a cage painting the upper sections of the hold. Any crane and associated equipment used for the transfer of personnel should be designated as “man-riding” for that purpose and in general this means that a crane must be fitted with a failsafe brake. It should also be Class approved for the use of transferring personnel. In the above example, the crane  is almost certainly not designated for this purpose.


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