Reference Library

The link below will download an Excel workbook to your computer which contains links to a comprehensive list of incident investigations, near miss reports and safety alerts issued by a selection of government maritime agencies and shipping industry sources around the world.

The library has been written in Microsoft Excel on a Windows 10 operating system – the browser used for links was Google Chrome. With these in place, all links should open automatically. It has been found that when viewing the files on an Apple Macintosh, that links to the internet tend to open correctly, but links to a specific PDF file do not open. If this is the case, then copy and paste the link into your browser – the requested file should then open.

We should emphasise that that the official source of information is the actual web sites of the Agencies included in the workbook. The links to these sites may be found at the top of each sheet of the workbook, and should be consulted for the most current data.

It is intended to update the library on a monthly basis – any suggestions for  further enhancements of the library will be very much welcomed.

The library was last updated on 04th February 2022


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