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2021 Publications

2021-03-01 – FAO – their role in international fishing safety standards

2020 Publications

2020-12-18 – MCA Insight – Improving the mental health of seafarers’ worldwide
2020-12-18 – Risk Assessment – Fit for purpose?
2020-12-01 – Achieving cost savings from learning opportunities
2020-12-01 – Anchoring and Anchoring Equipment – Revision 1

2020-11-10 – World Maritime University – A culture of adjustment, evaluating the implementation of the current maritime regulatory framework on rest and work hours (EVREST)
2020-05-29 – CHIRP Maritime Insight – Pilot Ladder Analysis 2019
2020-04-20 – Trapped by COVID-19 – highlighting the plight of seafarers on board vessels
2020-04-17 – Focus on seafarer wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic
2020-04-07 – CHIRP Maritime – COVID-19 General Medical Advice
2020-03-06 – AMSA Fatigue Guidelines
2020-02-04 – 1000 ways to secure a pilot ladder

Insight Articles from 2019.

2019-12-20 – RN Insight – Improving safety culture – the reporting element
2019-12-12 – GPS smoothing – removing discrepancies in received positions
2019-12-10 – Passengers with disabilities – correspondence received
2019-12-01 – Deck oil spill U tube drainage systems
2019-11-30 – CHIRP Maritime Causal Analysis 2019
2019-11-29 – H2S – exposure, toxicity and good practices to adopt
2019-11-19 – PPE for Female Mariners – Fit for Purpose?
2019-11-21 – Passengers with Disabilities – CHIRP Competition
2019-09-24 – Missing the Hits – CHIRP Maritime and Information Gaps On Seafarer Injury and Illness
2019-10-17 – Pilot Ladders and Beyond – A Pilot’s Perspective

2019-08-30 – Making Critical Decisions at Sea – Practical advice for the operational mariner
2019-08-30 – Video to accompany the “Making Critical Decisions at Sea” booklet
2019-04-01 – Pilot Ladders – Error Enforcing Conditions and Deficiencies
2019-05-23 – Pilot Boarding Ground – Avoiding Misunderstandings Between Vessels

Insight Articles from 2018.

2018-12-31 – HMPE Rope – Capability with Caution
2018-12-28 – Enclosed Space Fatalities – Why?
2018-12-20 – Human Element – An MCA Perspective
2018-11-27 – Safety Focus – The stigma of “whistleblowing”. Published in the November edition of Safety at Sea.
2018-11-27 – Confidential Reporting vs Whistleblowing – A case study
2018-11-20 – Navigating and Manoeuvring of a Ship from Pilot Boarding Area to the Warning Zone in the Western Port of Shenzhen
2018-06-25 – Getting to the Root Cause – Published in INTERMANAGER’S Dispatch Magazine
2018-04-24 – CHIRP Insight Article – Rigging of Combination Ladders
2018-01  – Perception, Decision Making, and Fatigue at Sea – PDF
2018-01 – Vision and Decision – video to accompany the PDF above

Insight Articles, Papers and Analysis from the 2017 Digest

2017-12 Small Craft – Recovery of Manoverboard, and Subsequent treatment   (Article from Section 1 of the Annual Digest)
2017-12 Lifeboat Falls Paper. Lifeboat Incidents – A review of Issues  (Paper from Section 3 of the Annual Digest)
2017-12 Issues with ECDIS    (Article from Section 4 of the Annual Digest)
2017-12 Misuse of VHF  (Article from Section 6 of the Annual Digest)
2017-12 Anchoring and Anchoring Equipment  (Paper from Section 7 of the Annual Digest)
2017-12 Good Food, Safe Food   (Article from Section 8 of the Annual Digest)
2017-12 Best Practice – Is it worth it?  (Article from Section 9 of the Annual Digest)
2017-12 CHIRP Maritime Causal Analysis   (Article from Section 10 of the Annual Digest)
2017-12 MCA Insight – Why the Human Element  (Article from Section 10 of the Annual Digest)

Reference material from Maritime Feedback editions 46-49

MAIB lifejacket review
MSC.1 Circ1331 – Guidelines for Construction, Installation, Maintenance, & Inspection Survey of Means of Embarkation
West of England P+I Club – Gangways and Accommodation Ladders
Pilot Ladders – UKMPA – Reporting Non-Compliance
MGN520 Human Element – The Deadly Dozen
Incinerators – Too hot to handle?
DNV-GL, The Swedish Club and GARD – Most anchor losses are avoidable
Maritime Accident Casebook – Safety Alert – Exploding Windlass
Safety at Sea – Safety Focus – Pilot ladder neglect
IMPA Safety Campaign 2016

The Nautical Institute Seaways October 2016 – Securing pilot ladders
IMPA Guidance for Naval Architects & Shipyards – Provision of Pilot Boarding Arrangements 2012

IMPA – Boarding Arrangements Poster
Shipping Industry Guidance on Pilot Boarding Arrangements 2012
SOLAS Chapter V – Regulation 23
IMO Assembly Resolution 1045(27)
UKMPA The Embarkation and Disembarkation of Pilots – Code of Safe Practice 2017  
Safe Passage – The Straits of Malacca and Singapore 
(BIMCO and the SOMS Co-operative mechanism 2014)
Port of London Authority – Code of Practice for Passenger Vessel Operations 2016
Respect The Water website
Royal Yachting Association – Knowledge Advice


Human Element

MCA – Marine Guidance Notice MGN520 – Human Element – The Deadly Dozen
MCA – The Human Element – A guide to human behaviour in the shipping industry
Deadly Dozen – Nautilus Telegraph article
Safety Focus – understanding the Human Factor
The Deadly Dozen – Straw Man Diagram
The Human Element – An Introduction. Lloyds Register
Human Element – Best Practice for Ship Operators. Lloyds Register
Human factor – Fatigue
Project MARTHA – Final Report
Guidelines to shipping companies on harassment
Harassment workbook
Human Rights at Sea – Remaining resilient after traumatic events
December 2017 – ISWAN – Psychological Wellbeing at Sea, A Good Mental Health Guide for Seafarers
Understanding Human Factors Guide. Crown Copyright 2012. Prepared by RS Bridger. P Pisula and A Bennett. Human Factors Department, Institute of Naval Medicine.

Bridger, RS. 2018. Introduction to Human Factors and Ergonomics, 4th Edition, CRC Press, Boca Raton, Fl.

Code of Safe Working Practices

Code of safe working practices for merchant seafarers 2015

Safety Focus Articles – Published in Safety at Sea

Safety Focus – Chirpy outlook – An interview with John Rose
Safety Focus – Thinking Outside the Medical Box
Safety Focus – A step away from the snap back zone
Safety Focus – Lifeboat lessons
Safety Focus – Staring at the sea
11-2017 Safety at Sea – CHIRP Article – Design
12-2017 Safety at Sea – CHIRP Article – Times Up

General Safety Related Articles

Ships’ Deck Fittings Utilised for Towage
Port Marine Safety Code
Marine Operations and Maintenance Manuals – good enough?
Monkey fists – Make them safe!
A Masters Guide to Enclosed Space Entry – Standard P+I
Near Miss reporting systems
Design concerns – Nautilus Telegraph article
Guidelines for Construction Installation Maintenance & Inspection Survey of Means of Embarkation: MSC.1 Circ1331
Standard P+I Club – Unsafe Ports – A Claims Handling Guide
Seafarers International Research Centre – The use of mandatory equipment on board cargo ships.
SeaWays – Pilot-Tug Orders 8-12
UK P+I Club – Risk Focus Consolidated 2017 – Identifying major areas of risk
UK P+I Club – Risk Focus Consolidated 2016 – Identifying major areas of risk
Lloyds Register Foundation / Royal College of Art Report – Safety Grand Challenge. Safe ship boarding and Thames Safest River 2030 
Pilot Boarding Arrangements and Best Practice 2015-16 –  For publication details contact


CHIRP Press Release – Safety at Sea Awards September 2017