Power loss

Report Text:

There was a loss of main power for approxi – mately 10 seconds whilst the vessel was manoeuvring towards the berth. From the investigation that was carried out the following was noted:

  • At the time of the incident two diesel generators were in operation and the third one was in standby mode.
  • Based on the vessel’s records (Alarm Data Logger) the engine crew were not monitoring the flushing process in the fuel system, the clogging of the Auto back flush filter went unnoticed and consequently there was a lack of fuel supply to the diesel generators.
  • The quality of the last fuel oil loaded was classed “AMBER”, as per LR FOBAS Sample Analysis; the CCAI was above specification.
  • Last inspection of filtering system was three months previous. As per PMS, filtering inspection interval was conducted every six months.
  • The 3rd Diesel Generator came on load automatically in less than 5 seconds after the main power supply was lost.

Corrective/Preventative Action: The incident report was circulated to all fleet vessels with an instruction for it to be discussed with the onboard engineers and electricians. Upon receipt of the report the Chief Engineers of all fleet vessels were tasked in future to check with the subject bunker (West African) supply terminals and confirm that their tanks and products are clean and tight. The incident report will be presented and analysed by engineers during the in-house ERM training courses.

Lessons Learned:

  • Company’s PMS system to be complied with and the filtering inspection should be carried out at least every six months as per PMS.
  • Scheduled maintenance of the filtering system to be adjusted to a lesser time in such cases where the bunkers are known to be off-specification.
  • Good working condition of the Diesel generators shall always be ensured.

CHIRP Comment:

The ship manager should have advised the ship to take extra and special precautions in the event of off-specification bunkers being loaded, these instructions should be in the SMS but in the event this is not the case, written instruction to the ship should have been provided. Owners could also encourage the fuel suppliers to use a service such as LR FOBAS, to assist them improve the quality of fuel.