Pilot Boarding Arrangements (2)

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CHIRP continues to receive many reports relating to pilot ladder boarding arrangements which are non-compliant with SOLAS. The following is a selection of some the  issues reported.

What the reporter told us (2):

I went to disembark from the ship when my attention was drawn to a device that was clipping the ladder to the hull, arguably to prevent the ladder from sustaining excessive rotation. The ship had been flagged before for an unsafe pilot ladder arrangement. The solution does not fully comply with SOLAS. The ship, (and its Class),  need  a  SOLAS compliant definitive solution to hold the ladder firmly to the hull.

 Non SOLAS compliant modification

CHIRP Comment:

The Maritime Advisory Board noted that the report should have included the need for a full risk assessment before applying a Management of Change process for improvement – the arrangement put in place does not comply with SOLAS. CHIRP wrote to the vessel’s ISM Manager but they declined to respond. We also discussed the photo with UKMPA who highlighted the following:

Ref paragraph 7.2.2 (IMO Resolution A1045).

Unfortunately, the resolution is not well written as the securing requirements for combination rigs somehow became entangled in the winch reels section during editing – something the MCA picked up earlier this year. However, on close reading of the whole section, it is obvious that the requirements for both the ladder and the accommodation ladder to be secured to the ship’s side apply regardless of a winch reel being utilised.


Examples of compliant fitting – magnetic (left) and  vacuum (right).


Any boarding arrangements for pilots must be in accordance with SOLAS Regulation V/23 & IMO Resolution  A.1045(27)  as  amended  by A.1108(29).

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