Pilot Boarding Arrangements (1)

This article should be read in conjunction with “Pilot Boarding Arrangements (2)


CHIRP continues to receive many reports relating to pilot ladder boarding arrangements which are non- compliant with SOLAS. The following is a selection of some the  issues reported.

What the Reporter told us (1):

Manropes were secured to handrails rather than strong points on deck as required by SOLAS. This ship may well be in compliance as built, but looking at the rails I would not be happy for them to be protecting me from plummeting to my death. They were quite bent out of shape.


Non-compliant arrangement – manrope is not secured to a strong point


CHIRP Comment:

The correct arrangements, including the critical point of transfer from the ladder to deck are fully described in the IMPA – Boarding  Arrangements  Poster  and  SOLAS V/23  7.1.1.


Report Ends.