Passenger Vessel Safety (2)

This report should be read in conjunction with “Passenger Vessel Safety (1) and (3)


CHIRP has received several reports regarding both domestic and international passenger vessels outlining failings in safety  management.

What the Reporter told us (2):

Whilst moored and carrying out administrative tasks on the bridge, I noticed a crew member on the ferry docked nearby, working (painting) on a scaffolding at approximately three   to four metres above the deck, without wearing any PPE at all (no safety harness, helmet, safety goggles or gloves).

Not only this, but when the scaffolding was moved a few metres by other crew members, the worker stayed on top of it holding onto the rails. A shocking sight indeed!

CHIRP Comment:

The Maritime Advisory Board commented that in both reports [Editorial Note – See Passenger Vessel Safety (1)] the hazards do not appear to have been managed, indicating a poor level of safety culture and leadership. It was questioned whether the “two metre rule” is detracting from the use of a permit to work (which should take into account the specific location of the work, and potential hazards). CSWP Chapters 8, 11, 17 refer. MAIB have investigated several fatalities caused by falls from height, whilst MARS and CHIRP both have reports related to working aloft, so the issue still requires close attention.



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