Obstruction of Emergency Exits

I recently travelled as a passenger on the high speed ferry ‘###’ from AAA to BBB and returned one/two days later.

On both occasions I noticed that that cleaning gear, including vacuum cleaners, was stowed in the way of the emergency exits at the aft end of the economy passenger seating area. (The upper passenger deck).

This would hinder evacuation in an emergency as it would need to be moved first.

One of my fellow travellers pointed this out to a deck officer after arrival at BBB on the return trip but was met with lack of interest or acknowledgement. He therefore drew the matter to the attention of somebody in the hotel/passenger service department, and whilst politely received and acknowledged we have no confidence that our concern was taken seriously.

CHIRP contacted the operator concerned and the issue was investigated, confirmed and remedied.

This report demonstrates what CHIRP seeks to achieve with each report; constructive dialogue, investigation by the operator and remedy (if the issue is confirmed).

It’s simple, effective and confidential.