Machine guard not correctly aligned

Report Text:

2nd Engineer noticed the 3rd Engineer was using the grinding machine for cleaning bolts whilst the distance between the safety beam and the wheel brush was more than 10 mm. Potential hazard – injury to operator.

Causal Factors: Inadequate tool for the job, Inadequate training/supervision.

Corrective Action: This incident underlines the need for effective inspection of the equipment and tools prior their use. Defective tools or equipment is a cause of accident onboard, hence it is necessary and important that the tools and equipment are thoroughly inspected and tested by the supervisor and the user prior to use.

CHIRP Comment

A good example of the senior engineer looking after the safety of his ‘buddy” in the workshop. Good practice should include a senior engineer con – firming the level of competence of each individual through situation awareness training in the use of wire brushes, abrasive wheels and grinding machines. A useful reference for such equipment is the UK Code of Safe Working Practices for merchant seamen (COSWP). This can be downloaded at no cost from: https:// working-practices-for-merchant-seamen-coswp. Chapter 20 USE OF WORK EQUIPMENT provides guidance on Workshop and Bench Machines (Fixed installations) (section 20.5) and on Abrasive wheels (Section 20.6).