Insecure Guard Rail

Report Text:

On the cruise liner on which I was a passenger, it was necessary to be transported from ship to shore by ships’ tenders.  The safety rails on these tenders have to be assembled after launching.  On nearing the shore landing stage, while the tender engines were being used to manoeuvre the boat alongside, a passenger on the upper aft deck almost fell over the stern when the guard-wire attachment “string” broke.  If it were not for the passenger sitting next to him grabbing his arm, he would have fallen over the stern.  Looking at this “attachment”, it was obvious that it had been tied and cut a few times previously.  This guard-rail attachment should have been either a shackle or pelican hook fitting.

I reported it to the hotel staff member on shore, and also to the ship purser desk, where I was assured that my report would be forwarded to the deck department, and I would be contacted.  I am still awaiting contact.

CHIRP Comment:

This incident highlights the importance of a proper procedure for managing reports of non-conformances.  The person making the report, whether a passenger or a crew-member, should be given feed-back on the remedial action taken.

We have alerted the manager of the ship.