Dover Straight Deep Water Route 1

Report text:

Whilst passing Gris Nez, I heard someone asking Gris Nez traffic for permission to use the DW route.  They noted that the chart said it was for vessels with draft over 16m and their draft was 8m, but still asked if it was OK.  After a couple minutes delay, they came back and said “Yes, of course, no problem”.   This is outrageous!!!   Unfortunately, I was not able to hear the name of the offending ship.

During my 2 transits this trip, I noted several others, including a container vessel from a well known company, who should know better.

Dover Strait Deep Water Route 2

Please find below a list of vessels which I have noticed recently using the Sandettie Deep Water Route apparently without any real justification:-

TYPE                DRAUGHT                             DESTINATION

Container       12.5m          21.5 Kts                Hamburg

Container       9.6m             18.4 Kts                Rotterdam

Container       12.7m          22.5 Kts                Hamburg

Container       13.2m          22.5 Kts                Rotterdam

As far as I could see their use of the Deep Water Route did not compromise any other vessel.

CHIRP Comment:

Reports continue to be received on issues related to the use of the Dover Strait DWR.  A 2005 UK submission to IMO proposing changes was withdrawn, but the Maritime Advisory Board was pleased to hear recently that the AFSON (Anglo-French Safety of Navigation) Committee will resume meetings this autumn.  CHIRP will continue to forward any relevant information it receives to the MCA.