CHIRP Annual Digest 2017

CHIRP is pleased to publish the second of our Annual Digests. The Digest contains articles that CHIRP has published in FEEDBACK magazine46 through to 49, and in addition there are several Insight articles included at the end of each section which have been written by members of the CHIRP Maritime Advisory Board. All of the videos that CHIRP has produced this year may be found in Appendix VI.

You can follow the link below to open up the 2017 edition of the Annual Digest in PDF format. Beneath these links are the videos and insight articles that form an integral  part of this years review. In addition there is an IMO Circular Letter, highlighting the Annual Digest and the Perception, Decision Making and Fatigue at Sea booklet. This letter brings the Digest to attention of all member States.

As always we hope that you find the Digest interesting, and we look forward to receiving any Feedback that you may have on the contents.

CHIRP Annual Digest 2017 (PDF)

IMO Circular Letter 3816

 Videos from the Digest

CHIRP Maritime Broadcast 8   Attempted Armed Robbery, Pilot boarding issues, and the Human Element – Deadly Dozen.
CHIRP Maritime Broadcast 7   Safety when handling tugs, Anchor windlass damage, and Best Practices.
CHIRP Maritime Broadcast 6   Hazards of Pilot boarding, A safe means of access, and “simply unsafe practices”
CHIRP Maritime Broadcast 5   Engineering mishaps, Close encounter crossing a TSS, and Design issues

Insight Articles, Papers and Analysis from the 2017 Digest

2017-12 Small Craft – Recovery of Manoverboard, and Subsequent treatment   (Article from Section 1 of the Annual Digest)
2017-12 Lifeboat Falls Paper. Lifeboat Incidents – A review of Issues  (Paper from Section 3 of the Annual Digest)
2017-12 Issues with ECDIS    (Article from Section 4 of the Annual Digest)
2017-12 Misuse of VHF  (Article from Section 6 of the Annual Digest)
2017-12 Anchoring and Anchoring Equipment  (Paper from Section 7 of the Annual Digest)
2017-12 Good Food, Safe Food   (Article from Section 8 of the Annual Digest)
2017-12 Best Practice – Is it worth it?  (Article from Section 9 of the Annual Digest)
2017-12 CHIRP Maritime Causal Analysis   (Article from Section 10 of the Annual Digest)
2017-12 MCA Insight – Why the Human Element  (Article from Section 10 of the Annual Digest)


CHIRP Annual Digest 2016

CHIRP is pleased to publish it’s first Annual Digest, which comprises of articles from Maritime FEEDBACK magazines 41 to 45, plus some Insight Articles produced by members of the CHIRP Maritime Advisory Board. The Digest is accompanied by twelve videos taken from series of Maritime Bulletins, which are produced after each edition of FEEDBACK. We hope that you enjoy the Annual Digest and welcome any feedback on the content.

CHIRP Annual Digest 2016 (PDF)

Video 1 Luanda Roads                                    Video 7 Power Loss at Lock
Video 2 Unsafe RIB                                      Video 8 Snapback Mooring
Video 3 Close Ferry                                     Video 9 Superyacht Anchor
Video 4 TSS                                             Video 10 Flash Fire
Video 5 Exhaust Fire                                    Video 11 Yacht Ship
Video 6 Confined Space                                  Video 12 ECDIS

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