Correspondence received – Personal Survival Training

CHIRP has received the following, after publishing the article related to “Trapped in an overturned dinghy” in Maritime FEEDBACK 46

Another very useful summary in MFB 46 which has been circulated to all our vessels and our shore management. With respect to the actions of the individual trapped under the dinghy, the correspondent’s calmness and recall of his training undoubtedly saved his life. I would however suggest all concerned should be reminded that standing under a hot shower after cold water immersion poses a serious risk of collapse; with a gradual warm up in a prone or, failing that, a seated position being preferable. Survivors need to be monitored during re-warming and also for the first 24 hours after immersion for the symptoms of secondary drowning. Neither of these aspects were given prominence in Basic Sea Survival training 30 years ago but both are now included in Personal Survival Training and Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat courses including refreshers.