Correspondence received (2) – Regarding accident prevention

Regarding accident prevention.

To enhance safety on board and as a proactive action against wilful disregard, sabotage and recklessness caused on a ship I am looking for an organization to report some events where the local flag did not show a positive reaction toward some actions that could cause a fatal accident in the future.

Please advise if there is any specific organization or International Branch.

CHIRP Maritime responded.

With regards to accidents, incidents and near misses on board any ship, the suggested normal chain for reporting, investigation and engagement about such things would be:

  • Safety Officer/ Chief Officer / Chief Engineer
  • Captain
  • Company (ISM Manager’s) DPA
  • Classification Society – depending on the issue.
  • Port State – if vessel is in a foreign country.
  • Flag State

We stress that the normal chain of safety reporting is per your company SMS.

Beyond that, should the flag state not positively address concerns, there are no international authorities with statutory powers to investigate safety issues, incidents, or accidents on board ships. CHIRP Maritime does operate on a global basis, but we have no statutory authority or investigative powers, we can only attempt to correspond with the relevant ISM managers (DPA), classification society or flag state administration to bring issues of concern to their attention but we must stress there is absolutely no obligation for any third party to engage with CHIRP Maritime.

Reading your mail again, it is disconcerting that you mention wilful disregard, sabotage, and recklessness onboard ships.

If you feel CHIRP Maritime might be able to help, please send full details of the safety incident by e-mail to, or through our online reporting system.


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