Commencing a voyage into danger

Report text:

My vessel was on passage from Buckie to Erith steering 090 at about 8 knots. About 2 miles north of McDuff/Banffa tanker got under way from a position South of me and crossed ahead eventually reaching a speed that put it on a fixed bearing and the risk of a close quarters situation. He then called me up to ask “my intentions” and if I would pass astern of him. I altered course to starboard and passed safely astern. In my opinion, it would have been more prudent for him to allow me to pass before he left the anchorage/increased speed. (Action by stand on vessel).
Just an observation. Nice fine day, 1645hrs, force 4 wind ENE, sea height 0.5 metres, good visibility. No doubt the OOW on that vessel would deem that he has nothing to reply to because I was on his port bow.

Lessons Learned: Always keep a sharp lookout and never trust other vessels to act in accordance with the ordinary practice of seamen


OOW on a ship must not start a passage from a non-hazardous position, get underway and put the ship at risk of collision. The OOW’s responsibility is to comply with the COLREGS and operate in accordance with the ordinary practice of seamen.