Close Encounter With Coaster

Report Text:

We were on passage in a motorsailer from Troon to holy isle, (Arran) on a course of 270. Aaaa was seen to be approaching on our port quarter on a collision course (verified on our radar).  Sounded 5 toots on the horn and called on vhf (at this time, did not know the name of the ship “coaster on my port side do you see me) no reply/response.  She got closer so I turned to starboard to make her the overtaking vessel and called again – this time in panic and very able to read the name of the ship as it was so close “aaaa put a man on the bridge, I should not be put in this position”

We were left wallowing in the wake as she passed very close. A man did appear on the bridge wing but there was at no time any response from the ship on vhf or by way of course change. No damage was done but I believe the unprofessional way the ship was being operated could be an accident waiting to happen.

CHIRP Comment:

With the agreement of the reporter, we sent a disidentified copy of the report to the manager of the coaster.  He subsequently advised that he had discussed this with the Master and Chief Officer.  Neither acknowledged having received a VHF call or having put another vessel in danger.  Although this may appear inconclusive, we believe that the action of the manager in personally following this up will have sent an appropriate message to the seagoing staff.