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M1970 – Fall from height

Initial report A crew member slipped while working aloft and fell a few metres onto the deck below. They suffered light bruising and were a bit shocked but there was no lasting injury. They were following the ‘working at height’ procedures correctly and were wearing a safety harness but the leash had been attached to […]

Poor choice of knot puts pilot in jeopardy

Initial report While boarding a vessel at sea a pilot found that the combination ladder was affixed solely by overhand knots (see pictures) . These easily unravel if there is strain from the standing part of the rope, e.g., under the weight of a pilot as they ascend or descend the ladder. This type of […]

Touching bottom while berthing causes rudder damage

Initial report A loaded tanker (14m draft) entered harbour and approached its berth. The bridge and mooring stations were fully crewed. The pilot embarked and a comprehensive master-pilot exchange took place. All equipment was reported in good condition and working. Two tugs were made fast – one at the bow and one at the stern. […]

Breach of the Collision Regulations Rule 15

Initial report As a vessel approached a harbour at night in good visibility, an OOW detected a second vessel 9nm on their port side which was also heading for the port. Radar plotting showed that the second vessel would cross their bow at only 0.3nm – a close quarters situation in which the second vessel […]

Handover follow up

Initial Report A time-constrained handover took place on board a tanker at anchor the evening prior to a planned canal transit. The off-signing crew of 21, who had been on board for 11 months, were relieved by a complement of 14; the remainder scheduled to join at the next port. Over the following weeks the […]

Cargo damage due to water ingress into cargo hold No. 5

Initial Report A cargo vessel went to anchor and commenced pumping out ballast water from No1C Water Ballast Tank (WBT) to adjust its trim before a canal transit the following day. Shortly before pumping was completed, the bilge alarm for cargo hold No. 5 WBT activated. The Chief Officer instructed an ordinary seaman to take […]

Lifeboat on-load cable release unit defect

Initial report During an annual lifeboat safety inspection it was discovered that the on-load cable release could not easily be moved, and the release lever required extreme force to operate. The forward hook cable release also did not operate properly. A replacement cable release arrangement was procured locally, and repeated tests were conducted to confirm […]