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Lifting Operations

Outline: A report describing a lifting operation which highlights several areas where there is a high potential for an accident to occur.   What the Reporter told us: Recently, I observed lifting operations being performed on a research vessel and on the basis of a single observation, the operation fell short of the minimum expectations […]

AIS and ECDIS offsets.

Outline: We have received several reports which outline position anomalies between a vessel’s AIS and ECDIS, and positions obtained from a PPU or by visual / radar position fixing.   What the Reporter told us (1): Prior to getting underway, there was no error on the ECDIS displays. However, once moving, an error was evident. […]

Proactive Port Authority

Outline: A report of a combination ladder deficiency and the follow up which involved both the port authority and the regulatory authority (Port State Control).  What the Reporter told us: This vessel presented itself for a pilot boarding with the following deficiencies; The accommodation ladder was steeper than 45 degrees and was not secured to […]

Heat and Fatigue

Outline: A report covering many issues, but primarily the story boils down to uncaring ship managers. What the Reporter told us: The report was initially received by the International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN) who, with the consent of the caller, put him in contact with CHIRP. It involves several aspects including both seafarer […]

Correspondence received – Bridge / Engine Room communications

Outline: A detailed report giving some feedback to the article published in Maritime Feedback issue number 52. What the Reporter told us: I was a master on a ferry approaching a berth – head in, with control on the starboard wing. Difficulties were experienced in reducing the ahead movement of the vessel, and with a […]

Fishing vessels – housekeeping

Outline: A report outlining significant housekeeping issues in a fishing port which appear to have become a “standard” of normal operation. What the Reporter told us: When walking from the ferry landing point, I was aware of the large amount of fishing equipment left discarded around the harbour. I attach photographs showing a mass of […]

Yacht Safety

Outline: A report outlining poor safety standards on large motor yachts What the Reporter told us: Whilst berthed alongside in Costa Rica, a yacht arrived on the berth behind ours. We then witnessed an all too familiar sight, common in the yachting sector. Crew members were repeatedly seen accessing the bow of the yacht when […]

Best Practice

Outline: CHIRP regularly receives correspondence from the Training Managers of companies highlighting ideas and best practice which have been implemented in their fleets. We are pleased to reproduce a selection of the ideas that have been received. Any safety chains or openings in handrails should be secured at all times when not in use. This […]

Combination ladder issues

CHIRP continues to receive many reports from pilots who are faced with non-compliant pilot boarding arrangements. Further to the article in Maritime FEEDBACK 50, we have received a lot of reports relating to combination ladder arrangements. Some of these reports were very detailed and proved to be too big to be included in FEEDBACK. CHIRP  has […]

Rudder angle discrepancies

OUTLINE: A report describing a vessel which was apparently experiencing excessive port helm. What the Reporter told us: As part of my duties as a pilot, I was required to shift a vessel from one berth to another. During the operation, I noticed that she was carrying an excessive amount of port helm, which I […]