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Unsafe practice while working over the side

Outline:  A report which outlines another example of mariners putting themselves at risk by following unsafe practices. What the reporter told us: A cruise ship was moored on the pier opposite my ship. I noticed a stage which was rigged on the port shoulder being relocated laterally whilst a crew member was standing on it. […]

Colregs Rule 10 Incident

Outline: A report highlighting a close quarters situation between a commercial fishing vessel and a container ship. What the reporter told us: A fishing vessel was engaged in fishing within the central separation zone of a major TSS following a basic loop pattern of courses, northwards on 330° then turning to port to follow the […]

Substitution of simulator time for sea time

Outline: We live in an ever-changing world but is all change appropriate? What the reporter told us: It has recently come to my attention that it is the intention of a major flag state, with industry support, to reduce the sea time required by cadets in favour of simulator training. The proposal is to allow […]

Accommodation fire – two fatalities

Outline: Even tragic accidents have learning potential providing the root causes are identified during the subsequent investigation. CHIRP Maritime has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the International Seafarers Welfare Assistance Network (ISWAN) whereby CHIRP will refer any specific welfare reports to ISWAN, whilst ISWAN will refer any safety-specific reports to CHIRP. The following report […]

Alleged MARPOL contravention and MLC non-compliance

Outline: A report concerning alleged blatant contraventions of both the MARPOL and MLC international conventions. Under the MOU that exists between CHIRP Maritime and ISWAN, the following was another safety related referral by ISWAN. What ISWAN told us: We have been contacted by a seafarer having safety related issues on board. Oil from the vessel […]

Engine fails to start upon sailing

Outline: A report highlighting a main engine failure and demonstrating the reason that pre-departure checks are carried out. What the reporter told us: The main engine failed to start on departure from the berth. The ship’s electrician had somehow disabled the main engine after repairing the bow thruster which had failed on arrival. Further dialogue: […]

Pilots Corner – Why do we get so many pilot ladder reports?

Most seafarers will join and leave different ships two or three times a year and on most occasions via a gangway whilst the vessel is tied up alongside in port. Spare a thought for the marine pilots who guide your ship safely in and out of ports, who regularly embark or disembark from 2 or […]

Correspondence received (1) – Regarding the article published in MFB61, Superyacht – crew working outboard without PPE.

Within the article it was noted that CHIRP attempted to contact the PYA (Professional Yachting Association) to establish a dialogue, but sadly the PYA had not engaged. At the time of writing the article and going to press that was correct. Happily, that is no longer the case with the new CEO of the PYA […]

Correspondence received (2) – Regarding accident prevention

Regarding accident prevention. To enhance safety on board and as a proactive action against wilful disregard, sabotage and recklessness caused on a ship I am looking for an organization to report some events where the local flag did not show a positive reaction toward some actions that could cause a fatal accident in the future. […]

Is it safe?

Extract from the CHIRP Editorial from Maritime FEEDBACK edition 62. Our cover photograph is a dramatic shot of damage to the stem and bulbous bow of an ocean-going ship. Our correspondent asked how the ship can determine whether it is safe to continue the voyage, or whether the crew should attempt to make temporary repairs. Our reply […]