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MLC Issues – UMS Operations and abuse of authority

Outline: A report alleging that single persons were working in the engine room at night when in UMS mode. Also, personnel issues said to include abuse of authority.   What the Reporter told us: I have a concern related to the Unmanned Machinery Spaces (UMS) operations on board our vessel. When we are sailing, our […]

Abuse of MLC 2006

Outline: An injury on board to a Second Engineer, where the company did not assist with medical treatment, repatriation, or medical expenses.   What the Reporter told us: I was sailing as a 2nd Engineer, and whilst the ship was getting ready to leave the anchorage and berth for cargo operations on 05th December at […]

Hygiene – medical condition in the galley.

Outline: A report detailing a medical condition in the Catering Department that worsened, yet the patient was required to continue working in the galley.   What the Reporter told us: I have been working for a passenger vessel company, as a Commis de Cuisine since 2011. I joined my last ship on 20th September. While […]

Information Overload

Report: A recent incident occurred whilst docking a new large car-carrier vessel into a lock, with a professional bridge team management in place. Whilst the vessel was approaching the lock, the amount of verbal reports from the officers fore and aft and on the bridge became so detailed and relentless that the master became overwhelmed […]

Lifejacket Design

Report Text: I am writing to you in regards to the Issue No.31 and specifically about the Lifejacket Design article.  I am a mariner onboard a cruise ship.  We have been supplied with additional lifejackets that compared to the old type are quite bulky and VERY tight around the neck.  These are made by a […]

Lifejacket Design

A mariner has reported concerns about the design of the lifejackets on his ship. His concerns are that: The lifejacket is very tight around the neck. If jumping into the water wearing the lifejacket, there would be a high risk of injuring one’s neck. The lifejacket is cumbersome in which to work. It is difficult […]

Medical Indisposition

Report Text: The Captain of a ship reports that, whilst serving, he was suffering from an injury and reported to the port doctor.  He was declared medically unfit and advised to sign off.  However an immediate relief was not forthcoming.  The ship was engaged in busy operations and short passages in bad weather.  The Captain […]

Near Collision – Single Handed Yachtsman

Report Text: I was sailing single-handed in my yacht which had been substantially refitted during the course of this summer for the purpose of the cruise, of which this was the first stage. I have been sailing, mostly but not exclusively single-handed, for over 40 years. I have held the Yachtmaster Offshore certificate since the […]