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Correspondence Received – Night Watchman

What the Reporter told us: A year after a local authority abandoned cost-cutting plans to remove the night watchman at this harbour, an intoxicated man decided to go for a dip at about 1am but got into difficulty. The night watchman spotted him in the water and threw a lifebelt to him whilst raising the […]

Safe Working Practices – Working aloft and in cargo holds (1)

This report should be read in conjunction with articles Safe Working Practices – Working aloft and in cargo holds (2) and (3) Outline: CHIRP has received several reports concerning unsafe working practices whilst engaged in cargo hold preparations and also when working aloft using ships cranes. What the Reporter told us (1): A crewmember reported […]

Helmsman Error

Outline: A report outlining a loss of concentration by the helmsman whilst under pilotage. What the Reporter told us: On the northern bend in a port approach channel, the helmsman put the wheel to port instead of to starboard. The Pilot and Master immediately picked up on the error and rapidly corrected the helmsman. A […]

Port arrival and berthing mishaps (4)

This report should be read in conjunction with Port arrival and berthing mishaps (1), (2) and (3) Outline: CHIRP has received several reports relating to  port  arrival  and  berthing.  The  following  reports cover communication failings, maintenance issues, and operational concerns. What the Reporter told us (4): On approach to the port whilst under pilotage, a vessel […]

The Human Element – still a long way to go!

CHIRP has received many reports which may be categorised individually as minor near misses. Whilst the reporting of these shows that a behavioural-based safety programme is in place, it also shows that the Deadly Dozen has yet to be embraced.   The Deadly Dozen – see MGN520   Several of these near miss “one liners” […]

MLC Issues – UMS Operations and abuse of authority

Outline: A report alleging that single persons were working in the engine room at night when in UMS mode. Also, personnel issues said to include abuse of authority.   What the Reporter told us: I have a concern related to the Unmanned Machinery Spaces (UMS) operations on board our vessel. When we are sailing, our […]

Crossing in a TSS

Ships crossing a TSS pass nearly head-on at very close quarters (about 1 cable) at an approximate closing speed of 35 knots. See the reporter’s comments below. The actual location is not revealed in order to preserve anonymity. We do not have an exact track chart, but the reporter’s reconstruction shows the following:   Extracts […]

Information Overload

Report: A recent incident occurred whilst docking a new large car-carrier vessel into a lock, with a professional bridge team management in place. Whilst the vessel was approaching the lock, the amount of verbal reports from the officers fore and aft and on the bridge became so detailed and relentless that the master became overwhelmed […]

Man overboard from a tender

Report Text: Whilst disembarking from his small tender an elderly gentleman fell in to the water between his dinghy and a private river pontoon not connected to the shore. The gentlemen had been in the water some 15–20 minutes before managing to raise the attention of a member of the public. The member of the […]

Maintenance and impact on rest hours

Report Text: At 0200hrs on three successive nights, crew members were awoken by loud machinery noises and vibrations being transmitted through the ship’s structure. On each occasion the noise persisted intermittently for between 2 and 4 hours until 0600hrs. The sound level in a cabin was measured by a crew member as between 78 and […]