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Helmsman Error

Outline: A report outlining a loss of concentration by the helmsman whilst under pilotage. What the Reporter told us: On the northern bend in a port approach channel, the helmsman put the wheel to port instead of to starboard. The Pilot and Master immediately picked up on the error and rapidly corrected the helmsman. A […]

Get me to and from the bridge on time

Outline: Two short reports from Pilots outlining difficulties in making a timely entrance to the wheelhouse, and in disembarking following a pilotage. What the Reporter told us (1): When boarding the vessel there was no “responsible officer” at the ladder – a cadet with a radio was in attendance along with crew members. As I […]

Unmooring – Momentary Human Error – Wait for the splash… !

Outline: Whilst  unmooring,  the  forward  breast  lines were lowered by ships staff for release at the hook by the shore  linesmen.  The  officer  in  charge  (OIC),  assuming that the ropes had been released, gave the signal to the winchman to heave the  ropes  home.  The  winch operator commenced heaving. The OIC realized, simultaneously with advice relayed […]

Port arrival and berthing mishaps (3)

This report should be read in conjunction with Port arrival and berthing mishaps (1), (2) and (4) Outline: CHIRP has received several reports relating to  port  arrival  and  berthing.  The  following  reports cover communication failings, maintenance issues, and operational concerns. What the Reporter told us (3): Whilst berthing the vessel a tug order was missed resulting   […]

Attempted Armed Robbery

Outline: A report where fishing vessels distract the crew at the stern of a vessel whilst others try to board from the bow.   What the Reporter told us: This incident occurred whilst the vessel was drifting outside port limits off a port in Vietnam. The crew noticed four fishing boats approaching the vessel, two […]

A SAFE Means of Access (1)

This report should be read in conjunction with A SAFE Means of Access (2) and (3) Outline: CHIRP has received several reports related to means of access – wire failures, falling overboard and design issues are all discussed below. What the Reporter told us (1) A vessel was simultaneously engaged in a helicopter operation to disembark […]

Keeping an effective gangway watch – ISPS Code violation

  Outline: A report from a company where a ship’s accommodation ladder submerged when left unattended. Officials trying to board were not impressed.   What the Reporter told us: A vessel was starboard side alongside in port and had completed loading operations. The crew were busy preparing for a draft survey, cleaning hatch coamings and […]

The Human Element – still a long way to go!

CHIRP has received many reports which may be categorised individually as minor near misses. Whilst the reporting of these shows that a behavioural-based safety programme is in place, it also shows that the Deadly Dozen has yet to be embraced.   The Deadly Dozen – see MGN520   Several of these near miss “one liners” […]

Correspondence received – Personal Survival Training

CHIRP has received the following, after publishing the article related to “Trapped in an overturned dinghy” in Maritime FEEDBACK 46 “Another very useful summary in MFB 46 which has been circulated to all our vessels and our shore management. With respect to the actions of the individual trapped under the dinghy, the correspondent’s calmness and […]

A safe means of access – at ALL times

Outline: An account of a homemade spreader being used to support an accommodation ladder.   What the reporter told us Please find attached photos of a lifting spreader that I suspect was made onboard. I was due to sail the MV xxx this morning from port xxx. The gangway was suspended by a davit with […]