Best Practice


CHIRP regularly receives correspondence from the Training Managers of companies highlighting ideas and best practice which have been implemented in their fleets. We are pleased to reproduce a selection of the ideas that have been received.

Safety chains -secured and  highlighted

Any safety chains or openings in handrails should be secured at all times when not in use. This ship has highlighted the safety chains and has reminded users to secure the openings after use.

                                                                                                            Lifebuoy line stowage

Who hasn’t seen lifebuoy lines get into a tangle which would cause problems if the lifebuoy needed to be rapidly deployed? Here is a simple solution where the rope is coiled in a container and “stored” ready for immediate release.



Garbage area highlighted and canopy fitted to protect from rain / soot from funnel

The garbage area on this ship is now highlighted, and they have fitted a small canopy above the drums so that the area is protected from rain and any soot from the funnel. In addition, they have placed additional waste bins in each cabin and public room specifically for plastic, in order to aid segregation.


Firemans lockers marked with space for donning equipment


On this vessel, the crew have placed boundary markings and KEEP CLEAR notices beside the Fireman’s outfit lockers. The lockers should always be clear from any obstructions and this will assist in getting access to the fireman’s outfit and also gives space to change into the equipment in the event of a fire when time is of the essence.

Simple solutions do not have to be expensive or time consuming in order to be effective as shown in the examples above. Overall, the ideas stem from a positive safety culture, good situational awareness, and a healthy respect for housekeeping issues.


Is the standard this high on board your ship? If not then why not, and what are you going to do about it?


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