Battery Compartment Ventilation

CHIRP Narrative:

In Maritime FEEDBACK No.21, we published a letter suggesting that yachtsmen may wish to consider fitting forced ventilation to the battery compartment.  The next letter amplifies this suggestion.

Letter Text:

The comment suggests using a 12 volt computer fan to force ventilate the battery compartment.  A fan may be a good solution but if fitted should be of a type certified as having a spark proof fan motor. Units complying with ISO 8846, Small craft – Electrical devices – Protection against ignition of surrounding flammable gases (or the equivalent US) standard should be selected.  Electrical components that are capable of producing a spark in an area likely to have an explosive gas mixture (IEC. Classification Zone 1) should be avoided at all costs.

The ventilation system should also be configured to ensure the exhausted gas is directed overboard where it can safely disperse.