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Overtaking vessel small CPA but taking no avoiding action

Report Text: As Chief Officer I had taken over the 0400- 0800 morning watch from the second officer. I had observed a vessel astern overtaking us showing a low CPA of 0.3nm, overtaking on the port side. As the overtaking vessel was still 2 miles astern I assumed he would alter to pass at a […]

Rigid inflatable boat – unsafe practices

Report Text: Three Rigid inflatable boats (RIB’s) were observed off Plas Newydd on the Menai Strait ‘show boating’ with a full load of passengers. Two boats were cutting across each other, the third boat was being used as a filming platform but was also joining in. One RIB turned into a standing wave and ‘hooked’ […]

Close encounter with a ferry

Report Text: We were proceeding under engine power on a clear sunny day in the final stages of a voyage from the N coast of Mallorca to the S coast of Menorca when I spotted just forward of the beam a ferry leaving the coast as it cleared Ciutadella in Menorca travelling towards Mallorca. The […]

Non-compliance with COLREGS Rule 15

Report Text: Container ship ‘A’, on passage from Kingston Jamaica was heading towards Willemstad Curacao on a course 127° at 7.7 Knots. The Master was monitoring traffic and observed Vessel ‘B’ from far away. With a small CPA and with the intention of not to cross the bow of Vessel ’B’, the Master of the […]

Inland waterways boat hirer training

Report Text: I’ve hired a 38’ motor cruiser on the inland waterways on many occasions (and have plenty of other experience of cruisers, narrow boats and sailing dinghies. I also hold the necessary Certificate of Com – petence etc. for VHF radio). This summer there were occasions when other hire boats tried to overtake between […]

Use of non-tested wire sling

Report Text: During the lowering of an electrical motor from the poop deck to the engine room, the crew used a non-certified, handmade wire sling. As a result of this improper control of the lifting equipment, the potential risk was the failure of the wire sling resulting in damage to the motor and/or injury to […]

Water under the floor of a lifeboat

Report Text: Water was observed under the floor in the freefall lifeboat when it was lowered to the waterborne position. This accumulated water had slight corrosion on the high-pressure air bottles. Causal factors: Substandard working practices not followed and poor housekeeping. Preventative action: All flooring was removed; the inside bottom was cleaned and dried out; […]

Free fall lifeboat release jammed

Report Text: During an abandon ship drill we encountered difficulty in releasing the free fall lifeboat from its stowed position due to the moveable parts being stuck in the stowed position. The procedure for performing the simulation test was missing on board the vessel. Causal factors: Failure to follow planned maintenance inspections resulted in inadequate […]

Liferaft painters not secured to ship

Report Text: No painters from any liferaft were attached to any part of the ship construction for automatic activation in case of the vessel sinking. The liferafts were sent ashore for annual service and upon return the chief officer did not ensure the correct securing of the liferaft painters. Preventative action: Master discussed the issue […]

Streaming Full Movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) Duration 137 mins Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction. In Cinemas April 19, 2017 Language English. Country United States of America. Plot For Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ is a movie genre Action, was released in April 19, 2017. James Gunn […]