An unattended galley range; risk of fire

A casserole containing oil was left unattended in the oven or on the range; oil leaked through small holes at the side.

What might have happened:

What did the reporters tell us?

This case is a classic near-miss. Fire did not break out, but it could easily have done so.

The lessons to be learnt

Galleys are high risk areas. Power should be switched off at the end of each use, whenever the galley is left unattended, and at the end of each working day. The fitting of external galley power breakers which do not require entry to galley spaces is a wise additional precaution.

In this case an unattended leaking casserole represented a long term hazard, indicating a poor sense of hygiene and awareness of risk.

CHIRP Suggests

Maintain particular vigilance in galleys, and invariably include them in rounds routines by day and night.