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CHIRP Maritime has published General Medical Advice for Seafarers
relating to the current outbreak of COVID-19. We will be adding a
section to this article shortly with further advice relating to
psychological issues.

CHIRP has published the 2019 edition of our Annual Digest. It contains articles that CHIRP has published in FEEDBACK magazines 54 to 57.

The PDF may also be downloaded from the Front Page of the website or our Annual Digest section.

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Topics include Human factors, Deck Safety, Engineering Technical & Environment, Pilot Boarding & Pilotage, Collision Regulations & Navigation,

Yachts Tugs Fishing & Recreation, and Health.

ISSUE No. 61

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CHIRP and UCL have released "Critical Decision Making" the 2nd PDF booklet in our decision making series.

It is accompanied by a video which may be viewed from the home page of the website (below) or in our videos section.

Both the PDF and video links are also available from our publications section under 2019 Insight Articles

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A report recently received by CHIRP Maritime

A vessel expected the Pilot to board with this dangerous ladder

An appalling lack of seamanship, safety culture and a complete disregard for the safety of a fellow mariner

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Latest Articles

Media – Latest Feedback Magazine, (Issue number 61), and seafarer wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click on either image to read as a PDF

 CHIRP is pleased to publish Maritime FEEDBACK issue number 61. The editorial for this issue focuses upon a World Maritime University report regarding hours of work and rest workplace, and we would like to hear your views on how to address this topic. The link to the report is given in the editorial. This issue of FEEDBACK also highlights a report related to  distractions in the workplace which in this case proved to be expensive to say the least.  We have articles related to a near mooring breakaway, a flooding incident, working aloft (again!), an un-manned jet ski, and a defective tug boats winch.  We continue to receive many pilot boarding related issues and whilst this continues, we will continue to publish articles in the "Pilots Corner" of the magazine. Finally we received some interesting correspondence related to anchor windlasses and overweight rescue boats, both of which we are very happy to promulgate further. As always we hope that you enjoy this edition of FEEDBACK, we remain extremely grateful to all of of our reporters, and we welcome any comment with respect to the content.  Stay safe everybody.......

CHIRP has published a series of papers looking at the impact of COVID-19 on seafarers and the shipping industry. The first paper highlights general medical advice for the seafarer in these extraordinary times and may be found here. The second paper written by Dr Claire Peckam of Safe Marine and a member of the the CHIRP Maritime Advisory Board examines seafarer wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic. This paper may be found here, and is essential reading since the welfare/psychological issues highlighted whilst focused upon COVID-19 are applicable to the industry at all times. The last paper highlights the plight of seafarers effectively trapped at sea on board vessels during the pandemic - the paper may be found here.