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You can find all of the articles that CHIRP Maritime have produced, and there is the ability to search for any particular word , or via categories based upon causal effect using James Reason’s Latent Failures and the MCA’s The Human Element. The search engine allows for a combination of word search and category / categories.

In addition, all of the archive editions of Maritime FEEDBACK may be found from the main menu, as can CHIRP Maritime Videos, Newsletters, and the CHIRP Annual Digest. Maritime FEEDBACK is now available in Chinese, Filipino and Dutch, and the latest edition may be found under the newsletter tab on the main menu. A new addition to our material is a Reference Library which is updated monthly. This contains incident reports, safety alerts and advice from many maritime sources. Finally there are links to enable you to subscribe to Maritime Feedback, and to submit a report to CHIRP Maritime.

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Press Release

CHIRP has released the 2018 edition of it's flagship publication, the Annual Digest.

The Digest contain all of the articles published in FEEDBACK editions 50-53

It also contains several Insight Articles on a variety of topics. See the Annual Digest page on this website for more information

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ISSUE No. 55

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Latest Articles

Media – Latest Feedback Magazine, (Issue number 55), and the 2018 Annual Digest. Click on either image to read as a PDF

 CHIRP is pleased to publish Maritime FEEDBACK issue number 55. Once again we feature a wide variety of topics and we are grateful to all of our reporters. The subject matter ranges from the dangers of removing heat protection from engines, MARPOL violations, poor communications, hours of rest violations, and further examples of poor design. The role of the DPA is a significant factor in some of the reports where reporters have not felt able to report violations to the Company for fear of reprisals. As always we hope that you enjoy this edition of FEEDBACK and we welcome any comment with respect to the content.

CHIRP has published the 2018 edition of our Annual Digest. The Digest contains articles that CHIRP has published in FEEDBACK magazines 50 through to 53and in addition there are several Insight articles included which CHIRP published last year with the assistance of members of the CHIRP Maritime Advisory Board. All of the videos that CHIRP has produced this year may be found in Appendix V. Further details may be found on the Annual Digest page of this website.